Sonett / All-purpose Cleanser Neutral, 0.5l

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A hard water insensitive, extremely economical agent for washing dishes by hand.
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sugar surfactant 5-15%, coconut fatty alcohol sulfate 5-15%, table salt < 1%, citrate < 1%, swirled water up to 100%

Ingredients according to 648/2004
Aqua, Alkylpolyglucoside C8-16, Sodium C12-14 Fatty Alcohol Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate

500ml PE dispenser

Allergy advice
? purely vegetable-derived surfactants
? free of petrochemical ingredients
? free of fragrances, colouring agents or complexing agents
? free of preservatives
? free of enzymes
? completely biodegradable

Special Product Features
Sugar, starch and coconut fat are the raw materials for the sugar surfactants used. Together with coconut fatty alcohol sulfate, derived from coconut fat and sulfur hergestellt aus Kokosfett und sulphur oxides, they form a combination of active cleansing substances which complement and strengthen each other and have excellent fat dissolving properties and are very gentle to the skin.
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