Ami / Ami Cat Love Every Day - 15 kg vegan dry pet food for cats - alternative packaging

105,88 €
This first vegan dry cat food is the result of years of development. Good digestibility and acceptance by cats. 

It is a 15 kg package in plain packaging see photo (The manufacturer is currently changing the packaging of the 7.5 kg Ami Cat - composition stays the same!).

Newly designed 7,5 kg Ami Cat will be available end of October/beginning of November estimated!
Product weight: 15,00 Kg (14,12 € per 1 kg) , Price incl. VAT, excl. Shipping
Not available now!
This vegan cat food has excellent digestive qualities. We haven't yet found a cat that rejected it. Keep the bag closed after first opening!
German import and distribution by veganbasics.

Corn gluten, corn, corn oil, rice protein, whole peas, pea fibre, brewer's yeast, dicalcium phosphate, linseed, hydrolysed vegetable protein, potato protein, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, rapeseed oil

Moisture content 8.00%
crude protein 33.00%
crude fat 14.00%
crude fibres 3.50%
crude ash 5.90%
magnesium 0.09%
omega-3 fatty acids 0.8%
omega-6 fatty acids 6.5%

Nutritive additives per kg
vitamin A: 27,500 I.U.
vitamin D3: 1,600 I.U.
vitamin E: 270 mg
copper (copper sulphate): 10 mg
iron (iron carbonate): 186 mg
iodine (calcium iodate): 4 mg
selenium (sodium selenite): 10 mg
zinc (zinc oxide): 100 mg
manganese (manganese oxide): 12 mg
taurine:1,500 mg
L-carnitine: 300 mg

About Taurine
Amí Cat ist a balanced, complete cat food. It is enriched with synthetic taurine, so that there is no need to fear any deficiency.

?I have carefully read the ethical and scientific reasoning that Ami presents for vegetarians diets for pets. Taking account of the ingredients used for the dog and cat foods I reach the conclusion that these products are perfectly suited for meeting pets' dietary requirements. ... Dogs easily adjust to a vegetarian diet, whereas there can be problems with cats. These problems can however easily be solved by adding taurine - as Ami does. ... Ami earns our gratitude for the possibility of keeping pets healthy with taking risks or having other animals slaughtered.?
Gianni Tamino,Lecturer on Biology at the University of Padua, previous Member of the European Parliament and member of the BSE Commission

?Animal friends and vegetarians have great difficulties when it comes to pet food. It is illogical to reject meat, but to feed it to our pets, thereby causing the killing of further animals. Some pets, such as cats, are natural carnivores. However, the idea of having calves, lambs or tuna slaughtered for them is terrible. Fortunately, millenia of coexistence with humans have made some animals become omnivores, and for these a vegetarian diet is not a problem. Pets seem to like the Ami cat and dog foods - they are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, but are entirely free of appetite stimulants, which are commonplace in conventional industrial pet foods. The new pet foods from Ami also contain no problematic salts and no prions (the cause of BSE) and entirely avoid all killing of other animals. I recommend always feeding Ami dog and cat food. It is the ethical choice for all people who respect other animals and at the same time want to feed their pets healthily.?
Bruno Fedi, Professor at the University of Rome

?At last: All people, who reject animal foods for ethical or health reasons, can now take responsibility for their pets' food. Unlike humans, cats and dogs normally eat meat, but the meat they get nowadays is entirely different from that naturally available: it comes in cans, consists of waste, contains all kinds of chemicals (such as antibiotics, pesticides) and fats not to be found in natural prey. It is known that humans profit from a vegetarian diet, because vegetable foods contain substances that prevent many diseases. What is good for animals is not always good for humans - and vice versa. But good pet food, that is free of certain harmful substances - especially offal - will most certainly enhance an animal's health. Thus can purely vegetarian food that addresses the dietary needs of cats and dogs have just as positive effects for our pets and prevent degenerative diseases as for humans.?
Dr. Luciana Baroni, President of the Scientific Society for Vegetarian Nutrition

?Meat consumption is absolutely harmful - not only for the animals, but also for the environment (wasted energy, emissions), society (waste of resources, famine) and for the nutritional status (detrimental health effects). We humans can make decisions which positively influence both our own quality of life and the condition of the environment. As far as pet foods are concerned, there was until now no choice. That has changed with the availability of purely vegetarian pet food (Ami dog and cat food), which is balanced and suited to the animals' dietary needs. This not only solves an ethical problem, but also improves the pets' situation, that used to be fed with conventional pet food, with its animal waste, antibiotics and pesticides.?
Dr. Massimo Tettamanti, environmental chemist, previously researcher at the University of Milan.
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