Sonett / Bleach Complex and Stain Remover, 450 g

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50°-95°C. Building Block 3 in the Sonett Modular System.
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Sodiium percarbonate >30%, sodium carbonate 15?30%

450g PE container

Can be added regularly to the white laundry. Very good for removing spots and stains from colourfast fabrics. During the washing process the sodium percarbonate is broken down into oxygen, water and mineral soda. Bleaching and degradation process are one and the same.
This product's qualities are similar to those of the comparable Ecover product.

Special Product Features
Each bleaching wears out the fabric. By separate dosage of the bleaching agent, its bleaching effect is applied only where it is specifically used for stain removal and white washing. Oxygen bleach with sodium percarbonate is the environmentally-friendly alternative to bleaching washing in sunlight.
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