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A truly good film, in every sense of the word. The award-winning portrait of a man and his transformation to a passionate animal rights advocate. Personal and informative, complex and deeply moving. A must-see.
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A miracle is a change in perception. That is the message of the award-winning US documentary »The Witness«.

How does Eddie Lama, a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood, become an impassioned animal advocate?? What motivates him - once a devout meat eater - to suddenly become a vegetarian? What makes a single man take on the million dollar fur industry in the exclusive streets of Manhattan? »The Witness« is an impressive and just as moving portrait of an individual.

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Video DVD (PAL)
43 minutes
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Languages: English, German, Spanish Subtitles: Czech, English, French, Spanish, Swedish

Extras: Loops, The »Tribe of Heart« Story, Getting Involved

German version spoken by the renowned Vienna journalist Dr. Peter Resetarits
German production by Thomas Winger and Klaus Unterberger, 2002
Director: Jenny Stein, producer: James Laveck

A »Tribe Of Heart project« Part 1 of the »Animal People Anthologie« Public non-commercial showing is expressly permitted. All other rights reserved Distributed in Germany by veganbasics (We offer discounts to associations, group buyers and other retailers.)


Columnist Howard Rosenberg

"The Witness is one man's truth that cries out for mass exposure... may be the most important and persuasive film about animals ever made."

published by the American Library Association

"Effective and never oversensationalized, this thought-provoking production will move both adult and teen viewers."

"[The Witness] should be considered a tool to promote kindness toward animals. Recommended for upper-level school, academic, and public libraries."

"It's risky business referring to any presentation as epiphanic. Yet The Witness might merit the term... The psychology is clear, if unstated: If a tough guy like Eddie can nuzzle his favorite cat, can love animals and fight for them, then damn it, so can we!"

"Packs a wallop... heartfelt and effective."

"A tale of personal redemption as well as animal advocacy, The Witness inspires and informs."

Montreal News Weekly
"The Witness is the Cat's Meow of activism... as a statement, its power is stunning... Measured and bewildering, The Witness allows us to do just that: to witness, to watch, with jaws dropped and eyes moist. See it -- you'll be changed. "

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