Harald Fischer Verlag / Das seufzende Schwein

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Paperback, 451 pages
Published 2001
Publisher: Harald Fischer Verlag
Language: German

In her dissertation the theologian Helena Röcklingsberg compares German considerations of animal ethics, by Michael Schlitt, Erich Gräßer, Ursula Wolf, Günter Altner and Klaus Michael Meyer-Abich, as well as developing a far-reaching position of her own.

About the series
This is the sixth book in the series »Tierrechte - Menschenpflichten« (»Animal rights - human duties«), with which the Harald Fischer Verlag has done great service to the subject of animal rights.

About the author
With this dissertation Helena Röcklingsberg gained her doctorate at the Theological Faculty of the University of Uppsala, Sweden, in October 2001 (www.teol.uu.se).
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