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Humorous episodes from the diary of young Spider, with his friend Worm, also known from "Diary of a Worm". An equally entertaining and appealing book. Hardcover, 36 pages Language: English 4 ? 8 years
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Hardcover, 36 pages
Publisher: Joanna Cotler Books (July 2005)
Language: English

This book is both a special reading treat and a plea for friendship and toleranz. For instance we find out what it's like for a spider being friends with a fly, even if Grampa does have reservations about insects.

We also get humorous insights into Spider's everyday school and family life, such as when he takes his molted skin for show-and-tell, or brings Grampa along to Grandparents' Day and Grampa insists on teaching the young spiders some of his worldly wisdoms:
1. Spiders are not insects ? insects have six legs
2. Without spiders insects could take over the world.
3. Butterflies taste better with a little sauce
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