Savon du Midi / Karité Soap - Vanilla

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Fine soap with fragrant vanilla. Karité soap is especially suitable for dry, sensitive or stressed skin. Karité butter is also known as shea butter. Gentle, nourishing and regenerating care for your body. With organic vegetable oils. 100 g piece.
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Ingredients (INCI)
Sodium palmate*, sodium palm kernelate*, aqua, parfum**, glycerin, sodium chloride, butyrospermum parkii butter*, citric acid, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, helianthus annuus seed oil, CI 77492+77491+77499.
* = organically grwon
** = from essential oils
*** = reportable fragrances

The karité or shea tree grows in West Africa and often reaches a height of 20 metres and a girth of 1 metre. The fruits are eaten and the seeds are pressed to extract the valuable karité butter or shea butter. Traditionally the nutlike seeds are dried, cracked and stoneground until a brownish tallow-like substance, then finally a white butter is obtained. In West Africa the butter has long been known for its skin and hair conditioning and regenerating qualities and is regarded in many areas as the ultimate care and beauty substance. Its high content of essential fatty acids and its refatting characteristics make karité butter one of the most effective oils that protect against skin dehydration of. Karité soaps are therefore especially suitable for dry, sensitive or stressed skin - they protect, nourish, regenerate and rehydrate the skin.

The karité soaps from savon du midi are made in in Provence and enhanced with perfumes or essential oils. The soaps are made in cottage indsutry according to the traditional knowledge of Marseille's vegetable oil soaps. This largely handcraft production is unmistakeably reflected in the quality of a mildly refatting soap.

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