Meinert Dog Food - Lucky Stars 200g

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Meinert Lucky Stars - 200g

Glückssterne are the perfect mini snacks for training or simply
or simply in between. Not the size is important, but the taste
but on the taste it depends.
Lucky stars, for small and big heroes.


Contents: 200g

Pamper your dog with the finest ingredients and do something good for him at the same time. Because the ingredients of these treats are deliberately selected. Beet contains high amounts of vitamin B, potassium and iron as well as other important vital substances. Rosehip is rich in vitamins and bananas are a great energy supplier. The whole thing is rounded off by turmeric. This spice is a real superfood and it is said to have healing effects. Let your dog enjoy this too.

Composition: sweet potato, edible oat flakes 1 A leaf, banana, beet, apple pieces, turmeric, rosehip peel.

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