Savon du Midi / Olive Soap Savon du Marseille 600g

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Original olive oil soap from the Provence. The savon de Marseille is made without any added colouring or perfumes. The balanced combination of olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil creates a mild, refatting soap. 100% vegetable. 600 g block of soap
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#custom.from# 6 #custom.pcs#: 5,0% #custom.from# 12 #custom.pcs#: 10,0%
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Ingredients (INCI)
Sodium olivate, sodium cocoate, aqua, glycerin, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide
* = organically grown
** = from essential oils
*** = reportable fragrances

Mild and nurturing - as a quality soap should be. Made using pure vegetable oils. Soaps from savon du midi are made in cottage industry using the traditional knowledge of the craft of Marseille's vegetable oil soaps. Savon du midi soaps are free of animal substances, antioxidants and complexing agents.
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