Sonett / Olive washing liquid for wool + silk neutral, 1l

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Suitable for allergy sufferers For washing machine and hand laundry, up to 40°C (100° F) Despite the label good for any sensitive (animal-free) fibres.
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Soap from olive oil** 15?30%, sugar surfactants 5?15%, soap from rapeseed oil* 1?5% vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 1?5%, citrate < 1%, swirled water ad 100%
** = biodynamically grown
* = certified organically grown

Ingredients according to EC 648/2004
Aqua, Potassium Soap*, Alkylpolyglucoside C8-16, Alcohol, Potassium Citrate
*certified organically grown

1 litre PE bottle

Allergy advice
? purely vegetable-derived surfactants
? free of petrochemical ingredients
? free of fragrances, colouring agents or complexing agents
? free of preservatives
? free of enzymes
? completely biodegradable

Special Product Features
In this product, high-grade pressed olive oil is processed into a soap which possesses excellent cleaning and nurturing properties and restores the deficient protective hydrolipidic film for woollen and silk fabrics. With the aid of the sugar surfactant, a mild soap-based detergent is created, which is easily manageable even with hard water, and retains all the positive properties of a soap detergent. The olive oil and rape seed oil are 100 % derived from certified organic cultivation.
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