Sonett / Softener, 500g

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Use in combination with Sonett Washing Powder or Liquid, according to local water hardness. Building Block 2 in the Sonett Modular System.
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#custom.from# 6 #custom.pcs#: 5,0% #custom.from# 12 #custom.pcs#: 10,0%
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Zeolite A > 30%, sodium carbonate15?30%, citrate 5?15%
Ingredients list according to EC 648/2004
Zeolite, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Citrate

500 g PE pail

After determining the local water hardness you will then be able to use the exact amount of softener necessary to be combined with the basic detergent. In that way the detergent develops its full cleansing power, the natural resources need not be unnecessarily abused and the water systems in our environment are protected to a maximum degree.
This product's qualities are similar to those of the comparable Ecover product.

Special Product Features
The separate doses of the softener, adjusted to the local water hardness, guarantee the optimal use of the applied detergent quantity. Even in the softener, we restrict ourselves, as for our detergents, to the bare minimum required and justifiable ingredients, and abstain from using fillers, phosphates and other softening substances made from crude oil products like NTA (nitrilo-triacetic acid) and EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid).
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