Sonett / Starch spray and ironing aid, refill, 1 l

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Strengthens, smoothes and cares for all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends. Makes ironing easier, even with dry and crumbled clothing. Your garments stay crease-free, stylish and dirt-repellent for longer.
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#custom.from# 3 #custom.pcs#: 5,0% #custom.from# 6 #custom.pcs#: 10,0%
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Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 5?15%, vegetable starch* 1?5%, sulphated castor oil < 1%, soap from olive oil* < 1%, citrates < 1%, essential oils of rose geranium* and lavender* < 1%, swirled water ad 100%
* certified organically grown

Ingredients list according to EC 648/2004
Aqua, Alcohol, Polysaccharid*, Sulfated Castor Oil, Potassium Soap*, Potassium Citrate, Perfume* (fragrance), Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Linalool*
*certified organically grown

0.5 litre spray bottle

This product's qualities are similar to those of the comparable Ecover product.

Special Product Features
Unlike conventional ironing starches, Sonett starch spray does not contain petrochemical silicone as ironing lubricant. The starch spray, with its purely vegetable ingredients (mostly from organic cultivation), achieves excellent results in strengthening and caring for fabrics.
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