Sonett / Surface disinfectant, 100ml

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Pure vegetable disinfectant solution, ready-to-use. For disinfection of work surfaces and work tools.
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The combination of alcohol and natural essential oils will effectively destroy any vegetative fungal and bacterial germs as little as 2 minutes. Effective against all vegetative bacterial germs, such as Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, coli bacteria and fungi. Particularly suitable for the disinfection of work tools and work surfaces in food processing, canteens and the toilet area. Sonett Surface Disinfectant has been tested according to the guidelines of the German Hygiene and Microbiology Society (DGHM) and found to be effective and suitable for disinfection of surfaces.

Vegetable alcohol (ethanol), natural essential oil from sage and lavender*, swirled water.
* = certified organically grown

Special Product Features
Pure herbal active ingredients in combination with plant alcohol characterize this surface disinfectant, which represents a true alternative to well-known agents made from synthetic active ingredients with the problematic side-effects.
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