Sonett / Tablets for dishwashers, 25 x 20g

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Suitable for all household dishwashing machines. No enzymes, aggressive chlorinated bleaches, phosphats or fragrances.
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Only for dishwasher-safe dishes. Not suitable for silver, lead crystal and hand-painted porcelain. The primary active ingredients of Sonett tablets for dishwashers are soda, silicates and sugar surfactants. They soak up food leftovers, emulsify and dissolve grease. Bleaching oxygen (sodium percarbonate) serves to remove tea and coffee residues from glasses and cups. Citrate and polyasparaginic acid (a protein which occurs in the shells of snails and mussels, but which is petrochemically synthesized) binds effectively calcification residues in the rinsing water. The ingredients are completely biodegradable as it is the case for all other Sonett products.

Important: The water softener of the dishwashing machine should be set one degree higher than indicated for the local water hardness.

Citrate, soda, silicates, sodium percarbonate, polyasparaginic acid, sugar surfactants.

Special Product Features
The Sonett tablets contain minerals and completely biodegradable organic ingredients. They contain no enzymes, no aggressive chlorinated bleaches, no phosphates and no fragrances.
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