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A fabulous culinary treasure trove with more than 50 delicious vegan recipes, inspired by a three-month trip through Mexico. Justin P. Moore, master of the art of vegan cooking and author of the highly successful cookbook ?The Lotus and the Artichoke?, spent three months in 2013 in a little village on the west coast of Mexico, from where he travelled the whole country. His focus: discovering new culinary worlds, immersing himself in another culture and an exchange of ideas with the local people - which led to him learning a number of delicious secrets. Accompany Justin P. Moore on his journey to a new world of culinary traditions and exotic flavours. Rediscover classics such as tacos, tostada and tamale. Experience Mexico as a country of spektacular soups and salsas. Marvel at sophisticated salads, enticing sweets and invigorating juice cocktails. Language: German
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Paperback, 128 pages
Publisher: Ventil
1st edition, 2014
Language: German
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