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An illustrated book by the task force Panthera with images from zoos throughout Germany - and an urgent plea against the cruel monotony that animals in captivity must endure. German language publication
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Hardcover, 144 pages with powerful black and white photographs,
published 1994

Pictures instead of words ... and yet all is said! This illustrated book documents the zoo as the embodiment of extreme opposites - rusty bars and impenetrable sheets of glass separate captive animals from amused humans, suffering and recreation, and emphasise the manner of communication between animals and humans dominating so many other areas of our life. Even now elephants spend the greater part of their days in chains, big cats pace back and forth before cage bars, monkeys swing from chromed bars to plastic tubs instead of from treetop to treetop. This illustrated book by the task force Panthera is the result of months of research in German zoos.

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