Harald Fischer Verlag / Tierisch menschlich - Beiträge zur Tierphilosophie und Tierethik

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Essays on animal rights philosophy and animal ethics Gotthard Martin Teutsch (1918?2009) was one of the most important pioneers of animal ethics and environmental ethics in the German language. This volume is dedicated to his memory. Gotthard M. Teutsch is not primarily commemorated by placing a focus on him and his work, but rather by in essays introducing and furthering apporoaches and questions from the field of topicsthat for so long were at the centre of Teutsch's own endeavours. German language publication
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Paperback, 190 pages
Publisher: Harald Fischer Verlag
Language: German

About the series
This is the seventeenth book in the series ?Tierrechte - Menschenpflichten?
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