Harald Fischer Verlag / Tierrechte - interdisziplinäre Herausforderung

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This book comprises the lecture series on animal rights at the Heidelberg University in the summer semester of 2006. Language: German
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Paperback: 295 pages
Publisher: Harald Fischer Verlag
edition: 1 (2007)
Language: German


Foreword I. The nature of humans and animals

Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel: Biological principles of ethical animal protection
Dr. Markus Wild: What are animals like? A plea for critical anthropomorphism
Prof. Dr. Raymond Corbey: Humans, primates, monkey people: the history of the idea of the unique human position

II. Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Tom Regan: The animal rights debate
Prof. Dr. Carl Cohen: Do animals have rights?
Prof. Dr. Mylan Engel Jr.: Animal ethics, animal rights and moral integrity
Prof. Dr. Peter S. Wenz: Animal rights in a social context
Dr. Helmut F. Kaplan: Animal liberation ? criminal act or consequent ethics?

III. Politics, law and society

Dr. Eisenhart von Loeper: Animal rights ? developmental dynamics and conflicts solved in practice
Dr. Antoine F. Goetschel and Dr. Gieri Bolliger: Animal ethics and animal welfare law - a plea for friendship
Prof. Dr. Jörg Luy: The ethics of animal welfare from a veterinary perspective
Silke Bitz: Ethical and medical science reasons for research without animal experiments
Renate Rastätter: The state objective animal protection between aspirations and political implementation

IV. Religion and culture

Dr. Hanna Rheinz: Animals' Kabbala. Animal rights in Judaism and why they still generate collective resistance up to today
Prof. Dr. Kurt Remele: Between apathy and compassion. Religious teachings from a perspective of animal ethics
Dr. Eugen Drewermann: The lack of rights of creatures in the Christian Occident, or about an important exception

About the series
This is the thirteenth book in the series »Tierrechte - Menschenpflichten« (»Animal rights - human duties«), with which the Harald Fischer Verlag has done great service to the subject of animal rights.
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