Green People / Toothpaste Spearmint & Aloe Vera

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Organic children's toothpaste with spearmint, peppermint and aloe vera. 100% natural and safe. Without SLS (surfactant) and fluorides. Especially suitable for sensitive teeth and gums.
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This natural toothpaste does not contains any fluorides, triclosan, sorbitol, parabenes, phthalates, artificial sweeteners, petrochemicals or colourants. It is gentle to teeth and gums, removes dental plaque and reduces bacterial growth. It also has a preventive antioxidant effect on gums and contains neither hydrocarbons nor aluminium compunds.

calcium carbonate (chalk), Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera)*, glycerin (vegetable), xanthan gum (from corn sugar), Mentha piperita (pepperminz oil)*, Mentha spicata (spearmint oil)*, ascorbic acid (vitamin C ), Commiphora myrrha (myrrh resin), D-limonen (from essential oils)
* = organically grown

How to use

Use just a small amount of toothpaste and clean teeth and gums carefully in the morning and evening, preferably after eating. It is not necessary to rinse out any tothpaste residues, as these continue to provide the mouth with protection against bacterial growth.
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