V-Dog V-Dog / Traditional Flakes 15kg - Dog Dry Food

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Complete and balanced vegetable based maintenance food for adult dogs. This is a muesli style blend of flaked cereals, peas and plant proteins fortified with vitamins and minerals, which should be soaked before serving. Includes both Taurine and L-Carnitine supplements which help maintain a healthy heart. Certification: UK Vegetarian Society Approved, Vegan Society Approved, PETA approved brand.
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Wheat, barley, maize, textured vegetable (soya) protein, high protein soya, soya oil, vitamins and minerals

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 20.0%, fat 6.0%, crude fibre 3.0%, inorganic matter 6.0%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.6%

Colourant: red oxide, antioxidants, preservatives

Nutritional additives/kg
Vitamin A 11,700 IU, calcitriol glycoside 1,170 IU, vitamin E 56 mg, vitamin B1 1.8 mg, vitamin B2 3.7 mg, vitamin B6 1.8 mg, vitamin B12 18.5 µg, B3 niacin 18.5 mg, B5 pantothenic acid 14 mg, folic acid 1 mg, taurine 130 mg, L-carnitine 67 mg

Trace elements
Calcium iodate anhydrous 1.44 mg (iodine 0.88 mg), sodium selenite 3.1 mg (selenium 0.14 mg), cupric sulphate pentahydrate 54 mg (copper 13.5 mg), ferrous sulphate monohydrate 150 mg (iron 45 mg), manganous oxide 130 mg (manganese 81 mg), zinc oxide 257 mg (zinc 185 mg)
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