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24x32cm (9,45"x12,6"), 224 pages numbering hardcover with 115 black and white photographs, certified organic paper
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VEGAN NY ? A six-week photographic study on the very diverse scenes of vegans in New York City. The photo essay gives a in depth view on fifty vegans living in the city. I met an ambitious attorney, a filmmaker who is very involved in animal rights, artists, bicycle couriers, and freegans whose attitude towards life harkens back to the days of Woodstock, flowepower, peace and love.

Vegans are used to improvising because the main stream food industry is built on the idea of consumption of animals as food, nearly completely denying vegans as customers. It seems to be almost the opposite way in NY, where you can find vegan groceries, essential goods or restaurants seemingly around every corner. I was living in a vegan hardcore punk collective, which allowed me to fully understand what it means to choose a more minimalist, stripped down and resourceful lifestyle while living in a city that is often associated with consumption, abundance, and waste.

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