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VEGDOG BEEVYS - the jackpots for your gourmet with beetroot and beech smoke. They convince not only by their taste, but also by their special aroma! Due to the slight breaking on the notches, it can also be used wonderfully for training. A true super Snack!

We love snacks! Even better if they are also healthy and good for our four-legged friends. But that's not enough: with the BEEVYS, your dog not only has a delicious, healthy reward, but also saves the climate. Compared to meat-containing snacks, you save 850g of CO2 - this corresponds to a car ride of 5km per pack!

The "fragrant aroma" of BEEVYS does not come from additives, but is naturally created when smoking over beech wood.
And beetroot is a real power root full of nutrients: vitamin C, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and B vitamins.

Thanks to the hypoallergenic formula, the BEEVYS are also suitable for feed allergy sufferers.

In addition, the BEEVYS do not require any attractants or dyes. And since we want to protect all animals, we naturally refrain from animal testing.


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Close the bag airtight again after opening to prevent the bars from drying out, as well as store in a cool and dry place and protect against heat. max 30 ° degrees


Vegetables (87%, including 5% beetroot), vegetable by-products, minerals, cereals, beech smoke.

Analytical constituents

8.0% crude protein, 1.0% crude fat, 2.0% crude fibre, 6.0% crude ash, 25.0% moisture

Calorie content: 20 kcal/piece, 301 kcal/100 g

Feeding recommendation

Daily quantity in pieces (approximate values; to be adapted to individual living conditions such as exercise, breed, activity, season and metabolism)

Feeding recommendations are only indicative, the needs of the individual dog may differ.

5 kg 1 piece

15 kg 3 pieces

25 kg 5 pieces

35 kg 6 pieces


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