VeggieAnimals / VeggieAnimals 12,5 kg - dry food for cats

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Complete and balanced food for cats, made with 100% plant-based (vegan) ingredients.

Available in 2kg and 12,5kg bags.

Formula professionally developed by a veterinary team, suitable for all ages and sizes and nutritionally complete.

About Ingredients:
• 100% plant-based, 100% natural
• Free of addictive substances, chemical flavourings, medicinal substances, toxins and hormones.

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Corn protein, rice, corn, sunflower oil, peas, dehydrated potatoes, tapioca, rice bran, yeast, rice protein, wheat protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, apple pomace, calcium carbonate, barley, algae oil, algae, dehydrated vegetables (pumpkin, alfalfa, carrot, plum, blueberry, parsley, sage, thyme, licorice, dog rose, spirulina, oregano, mint, yucca schidigolina, chicory), potassium chloride, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, plant extracts (citrus fruits, grape skins, green tea, dandelion, aloe vera).

Analytical components:
Crude protein 28%
Crude fibre 3%
Crude fat 12%
EPA+DHA 0.09%
Arachidonic acid 0.06%
Raw ash 6%
Calcium 0.8%
Phosphorus 0.75%
Metabolizable energy 3690 kcal/kg

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A 22,000 UI/kg
Vitamin D3 1700 UI/kg
Vitamin E 180 mg/kg
Taurine 1500 mg/kg
DL-Methionine 800 mg/kg
L-lysine monohydrochloride 750 mg/kg
L-Treonin 200 mg/kg
L-Tryptophan 100 mg/kg
Iron 75 mg/kg
Iodine 3.5 mg/kg
Copper 10 mg/kg
Manganese 7.5 mg/kg
Zinc oxide 120 mg/kg
Amino acid zincchelate hydrate 25 mg/kg
Selenium 0.13 mg/kg

Antioxidants: Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils.

Store in the original packaging in a cool and dry place.

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