Harald Fischer Verlag / Verwandte im Geiste - Fremde im Recht

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Since Darwin the question is whether the difference between humans and animals may only be one of degrees. The investigation of the socio-cognitive characteristics of animals focuses on a decisive aspect of the evolutionary relationship of human and animal. What consequences regarding the moral status of animals arise from the newest insights into their intelligence and skills? And what does that mean for our dealings with them and our understanding of human-animal-relations? Animals are increasingly the subject of serious academic thought, as this book from the meritorious series »Tierrechte - Menschenpflichten« (Animal rights - human duties) from Harald Fischer Verlag shows. German language publication.
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Paperback, 482 pages
Published 2012
Publisher: Harald Fischer Verlag
Language: German

About the series
This is the seventeenth book in the series ?Tierrechte - Menschenpflichten
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