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(veganissimo one - animal ingredients and their alternatives) veganissimo eins, the most significant German language guide book on the subject of animal ingredients, has been lifted to a new level. Years of painstaking research have culminated in a reference work that is one of a kind. Language: German
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Paperback, 348 pages
Published: 8 October 2012
Language: German

veganissimo eins provides comprehensive and founded information on animal ingredients in foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, textiles and much more.

- More than 2,500 entries from A to Z
- Colour-coded icons for better orientation
- Food additives (E numbers)
- Detailled information on product labelling
- Labels, logos & seals and what they tell you
- Vegane alternatives to animal products

A practical aid in the undergrowth of unclear and often incomprehensible product labelling.
Identify and avoid animal ingredients more quickly and easily, find vegan alternatives more easily.
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